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Sun safety

Sun safety procedure

'No hat, no play'

Kiama Public School encourages all members of the school community to take effective skin-protection measures.

Our sun smart procedure aims to promote:

  • Positive attitudes towards skin protection.
  • Lifestyle practices, which can help reduce the incidence of skin cancer and the number of related deaths.
  • Personal responsibility for skin protection.
  • Programs and an environment, which reduces the level of exposure to the sun.

Implementation strategies for skin protection

At Kiama Public School:

  • Students are encouraged to wear school hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever they are outside e.g. sport, sports carnivals, outdoor excursions, classroom activities and lesson breaks ie. lunch and recess.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own sunscreen to school and parents are encouraged to apply sunscreen to students before school and for special events.
  • Students who do not have their school hats with them will be directed to play in an area protected from the sun.
  • Students are encouraged to use available areas of shade for outdoor play activities.
  • Outdoor activities are held in areas of shade whenever possible and practical.
  • Staff members are encouraged to act as role models by practising Sun Smart behaviour.
  • Our Sun Smart Policy is reinforced in a positive way through newsletters, parent meetings and student and teacher activities.
  • Sunglasses may be worn for outside activities (not on other occasions).