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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

In the morning, students are required to do the following:

  • Arrive at or after 8:45am.
  • Place bags outside classrooms.
  • Walk to relevant dedicated supervised areas with hat and play until class bell at 9:10am.
  • Line up outside classroom quietly on bell and wait for class teacher. Place lunch orders into class lunch baskets when entering class.

In the afternoon, students move to designated spots for dismissal eg. walkers, bus travellers and students waiting to be collected by parent.

The dismissal process is:

  • The exit on Bong Bong Street is dedicated to bus students only (with the exception of students crossing Bong Bong Street). This exit is also utilised by those students being collected via the 'Kiss & drop' zone from 3:15pm. See our Kiss & drop/Pickup zone Procedure for more information on how this zone works.
  • Walkers exit via either the ‘Oak Trees Path' to the Collins Street gate (if unaccompanied and needing to cross Thomson Street, students must cross with the supervising teacher at the marked crossing), or if needing to cross Bong Bong Street, students are to assemble by the main school gate on Bong Bong Street and wait for the supervising teacher to walk students to the corner of Bong Bong & Collins Streets to cross safely after buses have departed. Students should not cross Bong Bong or Collins Street at any other section.
  • Approved bike riders collect their bikes from the bike racks and wait at the top of the stairs near the ‘Outdoor Kitchen' for the supervising teacher and then walk their bike offsite via the ‘Old Driveway' Thomson Street gate exit. (This is a shared exit with pedestrians thus the need to walk bikes, not ride). We do ask that bike riders also depart the school area sensibly and with care, given the presence of cars and pedestrians.
  • Students being collected by parents or carers either meet at the silver seats along the ‘Oak Trees Path' (Quad A in wet weather) or the 'Old Driveway' Thomson Street gate.

Our Executive Team supervise bus lines and school gates. This supervision is provided voluntarily to ensure the safety of our students and concludes at 3:15pm, with the exception of students using the ‘Late Bus' who are supervised until the bus departs. Other teachers may supervise these areas from time to time. 

  • Students who are utilising the PEAK, meet the PEAK staff at ‘The Stage' located on Quad A after 3:00pm class dismissal.

Please note - the staff car park accessed by Thomson Street is for staff and their vehicles only. For safety reasons, parents, carers, family members and students are not to arrive or depart school via this gate at any time.

Parents are also directed not to bring vehicles into the grounds at any time due to safety issues.

(Parents & Carers collecting their child from PEAK in the Bombo Building during the late afternoon/evening are an exception. Families approved to use the dedicated Disabled Parking spot behind the Hall are also an exception).

School office hours are from 8:45am to 3:15pm. 

Please call during these hours.