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Let Your Deeds Shine

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School Values, Motto and School Song

School Values

At Kiama Public School, we encourage staff and students to live by our school values of:

  • Respect, Responsibility & Resilience


  • caring for others and yourself
  • keeping hands and feet to yourselves
  • listening to who is speaking.


  • following directions
  • working and playing in a safe and friendly way
  • taking care of belongings, equipment and your school


  • bouncing back
  • sticking with it
  • giving your best!


Combined, the symbolism of these natural and man-made familiar features of the Kiama landscape sum up our Motto 'Let Your Deeds Shine' (Contributed by Mr T J Langston).

Students of our school are encouraged to apply this motto in all areas of the curriculum. 

School Song

Ingrid Richardson composed our school song in 1995. She composed both the music and lyrics. The lyrics depict many features of our school and local area.


Kiama's surrounded by wonders
Vast oceans and green rolling hills.
But the wonders that we wish to celebrate
Are right here in our very own school.

The friendship that makes us feel welcome
The learning to help us do well.

The caring so we know that we all count
And the pride that we feel for our school.

Let your deeds shine and
Light up the path for your future.
Blue and gold will shine brightly
Kiama Public School for me!

Blue and gold will shine brightly
Kiama Public School for me!

We also have a Kiama community of Schools song:

Our school logo was designed in 1975 by Miss Gai Lemcke, daughter of the then School Principal, Mr Bruce Lemcke.

It features the columnar basalt of the Kiama area that symbolises the strong, solid foundations primary schools provide in the educational process.

The waves and blowhole symbolise the change that occurs via the action of these forces on the basalt.  This image is assimilated to the types of learning experiences students have at our school that reshape and change our young students.

The Kiama Lighthouse symbolises our whole school ethos of showing and finding our way in life.