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Out Of School Hours Care (OOSH)

In 2012 we welcomed a team of wonderful carers to the Kiama Public School community by way of opening up an OOSH Care service on site in our Bombo Room.

Information below as provided by Jigsaw OOSH:

Jigsaw OOSH Care provide children (ages 5-12 years) with an environment that makes them feel safe, gives them a sense of belonging and provides the children with opportunities to grow, develop and learn as this is of the upmost importance in the delivery of our high quality program.

Approach and values

Jigsaw OOSH's approach is to give children the time and space for free play as well as structured activities. We understand that some children spend a substantial amount of their time in OOSH Care and Jigsaw OOSH aim to create a service that feels like home. This includes encouraging the children to be children.

Children are a valued and important part of our community. Every child enrolled with Jigsaw OOSH will have the right to experience opportunities to realise their full potential through secure partnerships with caring responsible Educators.

At Jigsaw OOSH the role of family is respected and the needs of children are fundamental to the planning and management of the service.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday: 6:45am - 9:00am and 3:00pm - 6:00pm (School Terms).
  • Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 6:00pm (School Holidays).
  • The centre will also be operating on staff Professional Development Days (Pupil free days).

The above times and vacation care is subject to change, always contact the Centre's organisers for enquiries

NB. Vacation care and pupil free day care will only be available if we receive sufficient bookings. Please enquire with the Centre leading up to these dates.

  • Jigsaw OOSH Centres provide breakfast, afternoon tea and a late snack to every child. The menu is developed in consultation with industry professionals and is delivered fresh daily.
  • Refer to Jigsaw OOSH for more detailed information about routines and approach to care.

Afternoon pick up

Children meet at Quad A, where an attendance roll will be marked, before proceeding to the OOSH room.

If a child who is booked into the Centre does not arrive after school, a staff member must find out why the child is not present. This usually involves making several phone calls and contacting school staff. In some cases, where no contact can be made with either a parent or emergency contact person, the police are called. Apart from the worry caused by non notification of your child's absence, it is a costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous exercise to follow up absent children each afternoon.

This can be easily avoided by notifying either the Centre directly or contacting Head Office by phone or email.


If you would like to enrol into our Centre, please log into our website or contact our Head Office via email: or phone: 02 9762 5757. You can also call the Centre directly between operating hours on 02 4232 1964 or 0439 102 571.