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School Uniform


The expectation of wearing the Kiama Public School uniform is endorsed by the Kiama P&C Association.  A uniform unites individuals under a collective identity and helps to develop pride and a sense of identity. It makes students all look the same, regardless of differences in class or wealth. It distinguishes them from other school groups.

It is expected that all students will wear school uniform properly. Parents who have a problem with this expectation, need to discuss their concerns at the time of enrolment. Children are to wear school clothing in gold, royal blue and grey combinations.

We appreciate the efforts of parents in supporting the school’s efforts to ensure every student at Kiama Public School wears full school uniform. 

We have a “no school hat - play in the designated area” rule for students at the school, to protect them from the dangers of skin cancer. Students have a choice of two different styles of school hat. All students are required to wear a school hat whilst at school, attending excursions or when representing the school. 

For special performances or occasions when students are representing our school, specific uniform will be stipulated, which all participants will be expected to adhere to.

At times the school may hold a special “uniform focus” reward system to acknowledge excellence.

Uniform Suppliers

Kiama Cycles - corner of Minnamurra and Collins Streets.

Orders can be placed online here.  Kiama Cycles offers free delivery to the school on Mondays. Once orders have been processed they will be delivered to the school for distribution.  Alternatively, please phone Kiama Cycles on  (02) 4232 3005.

Uniform Clothing Pool

The P&C run a second-hand uniform pool stocked with donated items. It is run by parent volunteers. A contact phone number can be obtained from the front office.

Lost Property

Please check the lost property boxes for missing items as promptly as possible. The location of lost property is in the Front Office. Parents are asked to ensure their child’s clothing is clearly labelled, particularly school hats, jumpers, and polo shirts so they can be returned from lost property.


We encourage students not to wear jewellery to school.  Watches, signet rings, studs or sleepers are the only exceptions. Students may be excluded from certain activities if jewellery is considered a danger to themselves or others.  No responsibility will be taken by the school for loss or damage of any jewellery worn.

Uniform option 1:   

  • Dress

Uniform option 2: 

  • Yellow Polo Shirt Short Sleeve
  •  Yellow Polo Shirt Long Sleeve


  • Grey Shorts
  • Royal Blue Culottes/Skort
  • Royal Blue Shorts
  • Grey Longs
  • Royal Blue Longs
  • Fleece Zip Jacket/Jumper
  • Black Shoes
  • White Socks
  • School Hat
  • School Bag
  • Rain Coat/Jacket