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Living classroom

The living classroom provides an innovative and inspiring approach to bringing food and sustainability into the daily lives of our students.

K-6 students participate in a variety of activities including mulching, planting, harvesting, pruning and composting.

We are increasing our knowledge of local indigenous plants and land care practices.

Our animals provide a unique opportunity for students to learn and to demonstrate our school values of respect and responsibility.

The animals are a very popular component of our living classroom and they enjoy the holiday breaks with various school families.

Wondering where it all began? Review these two articles: 

In The Beginning

The Grand Opening

Enjoy this informative 'Animal Data' presentation created by

Charlotte, Jemima, Sarah, Laura & Sammie in 5/6H as part of their 'Living Classroom' work in 2018:

Animal Database Preso (PDF 8.4MB)

We must not forget to acknowledge the huge efforts that also go into our front Bong Bong Street garden and school grounds which are maintained by our amazing General Assistant, Mr Saunders. A special thank you also goes to former KPS teacher Mrs Ellson who helped found the 'Living Classroom'.

Check the Newsletter for any working bee dates - your help is greatly appreciated.

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