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Kindergarten enrolment

If you have a child who will be starting Kindergarten in 2022, please contact the School's office for information or to collect an enrolment form.



KPS Kinder Orientation Program

Our Kindergarten Orientation program is conducted throughout Term 4 each year and includes a parent information night, orientation sessions, parent expo and workshops, kinder playgroup and a special assembly.


Parent Information Night

Our Parent Information Night provides valuable information about the facilities and programs at our school and is an opportunity to meet some of the key staff who will be working with your child. This event will provide additional information about our upcoming Kinder Orientation events and also offer a chance to visit the Kindergarten classrooms.

Kindergarten Enrolment Interviews

Each family will have a scheduled interview to discuss their child’s transition to school. Information about booking an interview time will be shared through our Kindergarten Transition to School Newsletter. An information pack will be provided for each student at the interview.


Kinder Playgroup

Several playgroups will be held throughout Term 4 for our new Kindergarten students. It is a great opportunity for parents and children to meet each other and to familiarise themselves with the school setting.

Kindergarten Transition to School Newsletter

Throughout Term 4, Kindergarten families will receive a weekly, digital newsletter. The Transition to School Newsletter will help you get to know our school, staff and greater school community. This will be one main avenue for sharing information about Kindergarten Orientation to the school.

We know that giving future students every opportunity to prepare and become comfortable with their new school environment, teachers and classmates is an important part of the transition to school process. This newsletter will provide a platform for sharing information about any upcoming events, getting ready for school tips, a snapshot of our school and staff and information about community services that support the school. We also encourage you to join the school eNews app to receive Pre-K notices. (see below)


Kindergarten Orientation Sessions

Orientation sessions are held for students and their parents. During these orientation sessions Kindergarten students will participate in classroom activities with our current Kindergarten students and student buddies from Stage Three. Parents will have the opportunity to attend workshop sessions about starting school and an Expo to meet the Kiama Public School community including the P&C, Canteen, Uniform services and other inter-agencies.   

A welcome pack will be provided at the sessions.


Kindergarten Special Assembly

A special assembly, hosted by our current Kindergarten students, will be held for our incoming students. 


Kindergarten 2022 Orientation Dates

Parent Information Session: Monday 11 October - 6pm


Kinder 2022 Play Group Sessions

Tuesday, 19 October at 2 pm

Tuesday, 26 October at 2 pm

Tuesday, 2 November at 2 pm

Tuesday, 9 November at 2 pm


Kinder 2022 Orientation Sessions

Tuesday, 16 November – 10 am – 11 am

Wednesday, 17 November – 10 am – 11 am

Thursday, 18 November - 10am - 11am

Please note that parent workshops may be held, during these sessions, dependent on Department guidelines for school events at the time.


Kinder 2022 Special Assembly

Friday 19 November - 10am - 11am

Stay in touch with transition to school events

Keep up to date with transition to school events at our school.

Download the free app called "School Enews" (link below).

Open the app and search for "Kiama" then sign up for our 'Pre-Kindergarten' Mailing List. You can also receive our notices and broadcasts vie eNews emails.


KPS Social media

KPS uses social media to connect with out community. Join our school community Facebook page We love Kiama Public School'

Is my child ready for school?

Starting school is such a big step. How do I know if my child is ready?

The NSW Department of Education parent website School A to Z has spoken to a range of teachers about how to make the right decision for your child. Here are some of the key points and questions to ask:

  • Children may enrol in Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on or before 31 July in that year.
  • All children must be enrolled in school by their age of 6.
  • Are they physically ready?
  • Are they socially and emotionally ready?
  • Children don't need to read or write before they start school.
  • Visit your local school and attend orientation days before you decide.

Go to the NSW Department of Education A to Z enrolment link for more details.

Applications for enrolment are available at the school office. Please ensure you have completed our 'Prospective enrolment' form so that we have your details and can send you any relevant information.