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Kiama Public School has a long and proud tradition of fostering student involvement in the area of sport and physical fitness.

The type of school sports offered to students has changed dramatically over the years. The traditional swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals have survived and may look different these days due to how each carnival is organised, the venue available and whether it is just for participants etc.

Sport sessions are held on different days for different sections of our school, depending on available space. 

Students in Stage 3 may be involved in sport teams that participate in knock out carnivals and/or gala days.

Students who turn 8 during the current year who are in Year 2 may participate in school swimming, cross country and athletic carnivals, dependent upon their skills. Successful participants in KPS school based carnivals proceed to District, Regional and Area trials and we have had a fair share of students competing at State level.

In recent years, in the State Knockout Competition, Kiama Public School has achieved the title of State ‘Girls Hockey Champions' and State ‘Girls Touch Football Champions' in the same year! Well done Kiama.

Sports Houses

Students are divided randomly into four Houses:

  • Bass (green) - is named after the explorer George Bass. Bass anchored his whaleboat in Robertson Basin (now known as Kiama Harbour) on 6 December 1797.
  • Flinders (red) - is named after the explorer Matthew Flinders. Flinders explored and mapped the east coast of Australia with George Bass in 1796 in the Tom Thumb.
  • Kendall (blue) - is named after the poet Henry Kendall who spent a period of time in and wrote a poem about Kiama …."This spot my paradise".
  • Dunstan (yellow) - is named after Stephen Dunstan, a former Principal of Kiama Public School (from 1929 to 1933).

Students wear House coloured clothing on special carnival days to indicate the House they represent. 

Students in Years 3-6 elect House Captains and House Vice Captains according to our policy. These students have specific roles and responsibilities during the year.

In addition to sharing the same sporting House names of Bass, Flinders, Kendall and Dunstan with Kiama High School, students from the High School assist with our carnivals on occasion, by way of the umpiring of specific Gala Day sports and in organisation of additional sporting activities.

We are proud of our inclusive sports model for our K-6 students and often have workshops for both boys and girls provided by external sporting groups.

Kiama Public School has applauded several students who have achieved a ‘South Coast Sporting Blue Award' in recent years. Well done.

Skills programs

At Kiama Public School we also partner with external sporting groups and providers to run skills programs in areas such as AFL, gymnastics, dance2bfit, tennis and NRL. Stay tuned to notes home outlining upcoming programs and associated costs.