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Financial contributions and assistance

Voluntary school contributions

Like all NSW public schools, we can request contributions to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects. School contributions help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. Payment is voluntary.

For more information, visit the Voluntary School Contribution policy.

Library fund 

Instead of school fees our school has a library fund. Our library fund offers tax benefits to parents as payments are fully tax deductible. Instead of paying voluntary school contributions, or school fees as they are more commonly known (which were not tax deductible), our school asks parents to pay into our library fund.

The money received, funds most of the resources in our library and includes books, both fiction and non-fiction, guided readers, computer programs, DVDs, CDs, subscriptions to magazines etc. The budget for our library each year is between $6000 and $8000.

Amounts are set each year as a guide to parents for payment to help provide our children with the best possible resources for our library. They also represent a fair way of sharing costs associated with a modern school. 

The amounts vary according to the number of children in each family attending our school. They have remain unchanged since 2009 and are:

  • $40 for one child 
  • $60 for two children  
  • $80 for three or more children.

You may choose to pay more than the above amounts. Some parents make part payments throughout the term or semester instalments. If you intend paying the above set amounts into our Library Fund, you are asked to do so as soon as possible at the start of the school year. A receipt will be issued and sent home with your child.

Payments can be made by cash, online payment (POP) or by cheque (made payable to Kiama Public School).

If for any reason there is difficulty in paying the contribution, parents are invited to contact the school to discuss how we can help provide financial support.

There are some additional costs associated with going to school that you may find it helpful to plan and budget for such as:

  • uniforms
  • school books and equipment
  • excursions
  • extra-curricular activities
  • sporting programs

On behalf of the children of our school who will benefit, we thank you for your anticipated support. 

Financial assistance

If you are unable to pay school contributions because of financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance from the school.

Our principal will ensure no student or family suffers any discrimination or embarrassment over the inability to pay school contributions.