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What we do

The main functions of the P&C are to:

  • Promote the interests of the community in the school and to promote the school in the community, by bringing about closer co-operation between parents, students, teachers, citizens and community organisations.
  • Assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school through fundraising and improvement programs.
  • Promote the recreation and welfare of the students at the school.
  • Encourage parent and community participation in curriculum and other education issues.
  • Maintain solid and continuous lines of communication between parents, the school and community.

To achieve these goals the P&C Association has several sub-committees/action groups that carry out specific functions. The number, compositions and focus areas are determined by the number of parents available to form them and areas of specific interest, need or available expertise.

Some possible action groups and their functions are:

Discretionary Representative Allowance

The P&C is able to offer a small allowance to families that incur out of pocket expenses from attending selected representative sports, academic or artistic events and may require financial support.

Family support trust

This group offers financial and practical assistance to families of students at Kiama Public School who are in crisis due to trauma or illness.


Organising various fundraising initiatives/activities to raise money for the provision of extra resources for our school.

Maintenance and grounds

Identifying and co-coordinating works about the School that can be carried out with volunteer workers (e.g. working bees).

Parent support

Offering support to parents as required and where possible (e.g. advice, advocacy, orientation for new families, etc.).


Promoting the positive features/achievements of our School to both the School and wider communities and looking at improvements.


Identifying safety issues in and around the School and liaising with the Roads Maritime Services (formally RTA), Kiama Council and the School to resolve potential problems.

Uniform pool

The uniform committee runs a uniform pool from which donated ‘outgrown' uniform items can be purchased. The clothing pool is operated by parent volunteers. Please contact the school office for the contact details of this wonderful volunteer.

Meeting Dates

The date fot the next P&C Meeting will be released shortly.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Please feel free to conact us if you have any questions at  or via our Kiama P&C FB Group.