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Kiama Public School Awards

Centred around our core values: Respect, Responsibility & Resilience

Students at Kiama Public School have many opportunities to be recognised for their efforts.

Examples are:

  • Sportsmanship awards
  • Rewards for individual students or classes for wearing school hats
  • Assembly awards
  • Commendations and recognition at assemblies and special school activities
  • Certificates of Appreciation for parent and community helpers
  • Recognition via media eg. newsletter, newspaper, website
  • Classroom certificates/Scripture awards
  • Personal pride and increased self-esteem in displaying acceptable behaviour
  • Special Achievement Awards on Presentation Day
  • Other teacher devised systems.

To achieve Gold they need 10 special awards, one at least from each of the 5 qualities listed:

  • Consistent good behaviour
  • Excellent work habits
  • Significant improvement in academic achievement
  • Excellence in academic achievement at the student's own level
  • Following the school values.

Students will have more indication of where they are in regards to achieving the awards and will know the area they need to work at to improve. Assembly Merit Certificates are not linked to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate awards but reflect core values in the class that fortnight. Each teacher holds their own class reward system to allow variety and flexibility in motivating and recognising student achievement.

Please review the below flow chart for an understanding of the system:

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